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Potential reviews & media for the book are currently being sought. If you are aware of any magazines or publications that may be interested in writing a review or in publishing an excerpt of this book, an Advanced Review copy of Humanity At Stake can be sent. Or, if there are any media or Taiwanese/Taiwanese-American/Asia-related events or projects underway that may be relevant, please contact humanityatstake@gmail.com.

  • February 2009: "The unknown brutality behind the facade of Taiwan" book review - Rebecca's Reads, reviewed by Randy A. Lakin

    "I have always admired Taiwan, but I never really understood its background until now. [Humanity at stake] really enlightened me on the past, present and future of Taiwan...The book is full of great footnotes giving times, dates and additional information.  Young’s book has really opened my eyes to the plight of the Taiwanese people..."
  • December 2008: "Books and Businesses with Abraham Young" feature on Brown University alumni website.

  • September 2008: Book review - Taiwan Communiqué bi-monthly journal, September issue, pg. 20-22

    "In “Humanity at Stake”, second-generation Taiwanese-American Abe Young eloquently presents the wishes of this other small nation -Taiwan- to live freely and determine its own future. The human rights component, highlighted in the book, yet almost universally overlooked by foreign policy makers that deal with Taiwan, is the central theme that the author feels emphatically about.
    ...rarely has the cross-Strait relationship been written about in a narrative style that is both engaging and lively as it is in this case."
  • August 2008: Book review on Midwest Book Review

    "...a scholarly and thorough look at the discourse between the three nations, and their goals and concerns with one another. In the process, "Humanity at Stake" opens the eyes of readers to a conflict that doesn't get much air time in the American media. "Humanity at Stake" is of high interest to anyone who wants a better view of world politics as a whole."
  • August 5, 2008: Radio interview - Link w/ recording - Interview on RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong) Radio 3 Morning Brew show with Phil Whelan

  • Summer 2008: Feature article, "Humanity at Stake: Young Author's Book on Taiwan Takes New Approach" - Formosa Foundation newsletter

  • July 4, 2008: Taiwanese high schooler "Ely"'s book review on her Blog:

    "I suggest you guys read a book called 'Humanity at Stake'..."

  • June 8, 2008: Book review, "Why can’t we all just get along?: Abraham Young’s lightly dramatized dialogue defends Taiwan’s democracy and challenges China to rethink its stance toward the country" - Taipei Times

    (click on image to see the readable full-size article)

    "...in this short essay, easily readable at a sitting, he describes a discussion with two coworkers that manages to put the essence of his case in a nutshell, making it simultaneously cogent, comprehensible and an attractive, easy read.

    ...Humanity at Stake is a curiously sympathetic work. On the one hand it contains a just and concise summary of Taiwan’s history, warts and all, but on the other it’s also a personal and even introspective account of two of the three individuals and their respective viewpoints.

    ...This is an admirable book. If ignorance about Taiwan is as extensive in the US as the author claims it is, then the sheer accessibility of this little publication is greatly to its advantage." (Read entire review)
  • June 4, 2008: "A New Book Humanity at Stake Speaks Up for Taiwan"- Pacific Times newspaper

  • June 4, 2008: "An Interview with Abe Young, Author of Humanity at Stake" - TaiwaneseAmerican.org,"Spotlight!" section

  • June 2, 2008: "Book Review: Humanity at Stake" - Michael Turton's Blog, "The View from Taiwan" -- (Book review will be republished in next issue of Highway 11, the "Taiwan East Coast Travel Magazine")

    "...Fortunately for Taiwan, Taiwanese-Americans have long been speakers on the island's behalf, and this new book is the latest offering in that five-decade long effort to give an international voice to the island. From its unusually long subtitle to its promise on the back cover to donate $1 to Human Rights Watch for every copy sold, Abraham Young's Humanity at Stake: On why the world should now end China’s military & political aggression, understand Taiwan’s democracy, and defend 23 million citizens’ human right to self-determination represents a unique approach to educating novice readers on the various points of view in the Taiwan issue, and on why supporting Taiwan is so important. Its appearance is all the more timely given the recent political developments in cross-strait issues..." (Read entire review)
  • June 1, 2008: "Abraham Young publishes English-language book, Humanity at Stake" -
    Sing Tao Daily
    newspaper, Sunday New York section

    “Sing Tao Daily, the longest-standing newspaper in Hong Kong since 1938, is internationally recognized as one of the world's most widely-read Chinese dailies.”

    (click on image to see the readable full-size article in Chinese)

    Abraham Young Publishes English-Language Book Humanity At Stake: A Conservation Between Three Ordinary People

    Staff reporter Pen Yu-Nong

    “Through an ordinary conversation between three ordinary people, I seek to instigate readers to further examine controversial issues on the relations between Taiwan, China, and America,” said Abraham Young about his book Humanity at Stake.

    “Humanity at Stake is record of an enthralling conversation between three people, including the author Abraham Young...Wang, an ethnically Chinese college student, was born in the City of Pan Yang, China. He immigrated to Japan with his parents when he was young and grew up in Tokyo. Chris, a white American, is a commercial pilot with American Airlines and an ex- Air Force pilot.

    “The conversation took place in a non-profit bookstore tugged in a little quiet alley between two busiest streets in Manhattan…”

  • April 23, 2008: "Postbac Alum Abraham Young Publishes Book" - Columbia University School of General Studies News

  • Press release published on Austin Institute for Taiwan Studies website (under "Collections")

  • (unconfirmed) Review TK - "The Peking Duck" (Blog)