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Advanced Praise & Testimonials

Potential blurbs & testimonials are currently being sought. If you are aware of any high-profile or politically involved individuals who may be interested in providing a blurb for this book, an Advanced Review copy of Humanity At Stake can be sent. Please contact humanityatstake@gmail.com 

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"A poignant tale, told in a charmingly human voice, of three idealist young men attempting to resolve their different views of Taiwan. The author asks how the world can continue to justify the constant pressure--economic, military, and political--on free and democratic Taiwan from a hostile, authoritarian China. This is beautifully written."
Dr. June Teufel Dreyer
Served three terms as commissioner of the United States Economic and Security Review Commision, author of China's Political System: Modernization and Tradition, and Professor of Political Science at University of Miami

"If you have ever tried to intelligently discuss the complexities of Taiwan-China-US relations and found yourself in an awkward moment due to personal sensitivities or lack of expertise, then Humanity At Stake is a must-read. Abe Young readily crafts an honest, amusing and contemplative exploration of the issues behind the current international state of affairs regarding Taiwan, all revolving around an everyday conversational encounter. He has a gift for putting into words (and footnotes) the thoughts that most Taiwanese Americans wish to articulate. This is a wonderful starting point to introduce the facts and issues and to initiate further dialogue in an interesting and entertaining way."
HoChie Tsai, MD
Community organizer and Creator of the web portal site TaiwaneseAmerican.org


This insightful young writer has captured in Humanity At Stake so many of the dilemmas that Taiwan has faced in its modern history. All people concerned for human rights and Taiwan, or the American public that wants to understand the basic issues of Taiwan-China cross-strait relations should read this enjoyable book. An inspiring read!
Shih-Meng Chen
Professor at National Taiwan University and former Secretary General of Taiwan's Presidential Office


"In the context of a casual conversation between co-workers, Abe Young presents a straightforward and measured discussion of China's relationship with Taiwan and Taiwan's impressive democratic growth. Informative without being didactic, Humanity at Stake is a must-read for anyone concerned about peace and democracy in Asia."
Shawna Yang Ryan
Author of Locke 1928, and winner of 2006 Maurice Prize for Fiction


“Three young people of different birth, different ethnicity (Taiwanese, Chinese, American) in New York City, gather around the topics of Taiwan and China in dialogue; like three mirrors, reflecting Taiwan’s worth, China’s face, as well as America’s point of view. Why is Taiwan’s humanity at stake?  Please read this book, listen carefully, and you will know.”
  ~ Jim Lee (李筱峰),  Professor of Taiwanese Literature at National Taipei University

“KMT re-rules Taiwan, a black man leads America for the first time, but Chinese missiles still aim at Taiwan.  A bull dragged anywhere is still a bull, just like a person keeps his humanity even if he moves from Taiwan to New York.  What should be said must be said, what should be defended must be defended, and Taiwan's young people will always be Taiwan’s sons & daughters.”

~ Freddy Lim (林昶佐), Chthonic band lead vocalist, international activist & founder of Guts United


"Taiwanese across the globe face challenges when it comes to explaining the intricacies of what it means to be Taiwanese.  This book clearly & concisely defines the background, issues and struggles Taiwanese encounter on this path.  Now is the time for the younger Taiwanese generation to speak out, and this book does precisely that.  Regardless of how familiar one is with Taiwan, an insightful read."
                 ~ Eric Chang (張浩明), student leader in the Wild Strawberry movement and host of Taiwanese political talk show www.ustream.tv/channel/ahbying