2/1/10: HumanityAtStake.com launches "IGNITE THE TAIWAN DIALOGUE" project! (see previous "updates")

A Pamphlet-Book for a Global Audience

The English language book is available for order on Amazon.comand on Create Space.  The Chinese language book is also available now in Taiwan at bookstores and at www.books.com.tw.  For orders of the Chinese language book outside of Taiwan, you can find instructions at the book order page link in the navigation bar. 

Humanity at Stake has instigated dialogue from communities & leaders across the U.S. and abroad, such as Member of Congress Ileana Ros-Lehtinen's letter of support (book's appendix). Since its publication, it has also received lively feedback & acclaim such as the Midwest Book Review praising it as "a scholarly and thorough look," the Taipei Times book review calling it "an admirable book," and a book review in the Taiwan Communiqué, which stated, "...rarely has the cross-Strait relationship been written about in a narrative style that is both engaging and lively as it is in this case."

Please use the navigation bar to find these reviews, and other materials regarding the book & project.

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