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Tracking the # of PLA Missiles Aimed at Taiwan

(Readers are welcome to contribute any news sources they find that help track the history and present # of China's PLA missiles aimed at Taiwan. To send a tip, email HumanityAtStake@gmail.com with subject line "Missiles".)

Oct. 2002: "300-350"

China currently has 300-350 short- and medium-range missiles deployed opposite Taiwan in Fujian province. The PRC force of DF-11, DF-15, and DF-15A missiles is increasing by about 50 missiles per year… (www.nti.org issue brief)

May 2006: "780"
Six of [PLA Second Artillary Force's] ballistic missile brigades are based along China’s southeastern coast and are armed with over 780 conventionally armed ballistic missiles of various types, which have sufficient range to strike the entire area of Taiwan. It is predicted that by the end of 2006, these brigades will have more than 800 such missiles and more than 100 cruise missiles. PLA tactics call for the 800 ballistic missiles to be launched in a 6-wave, 12-hour long saturation missile attack on Taiwan. In addition, it can also use the cruise missiles to launch precision strikes on more than 100 key targets in Taiwan... (Taiwan's National Security Council's 2006 National Security Report)

Mar. 2008: "1,400"

China has deployed far more missiles aimed at Taiwan than previously reported, according to U.S. officials with access to intelligence assessments.

The officials say China has 1,400 ballistic missiles targeting the self-governing island over which Beijing claims sovereignty.

That is 40 percent more than earlier U.S. reports saying about 1,000 missiles were deployed across the strait from Taiwan... (Washington Times, "U.S. Sees More Beijing Missiles Aimed at Taiwan")