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Urge the Obama administration to support Taiwan's democracy

We believe that the United States should not only reach out and extend a hand of friendship to its foes but foremost to its friends and allies. Taiwan, one of the young democracies and staunchest U.S. allies, has been systematically shunned by Washington for the sake of a harmonious U.S.-China relationship. Taiwan's democratic aspirations, such as holding referendums, and repeated membership appeals to the United Nations, did not receive much support in Washington or elsewhere.
The roadblock Taiwan is facing all comes down to an outdated "One China" Policy. The "One China" Policy originates from when the U.S. needed China to counter the threat of the former Soviet Union. The Soviet Union no longer exists today. Moreover, clinging to this outdated foreign policy is dangerous to American strategic interests in the region.
Join our campaign to urge President Obama and the State Department to rid of this outdated Cold War relic.
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